Our Mission

Car Title Loans Bakersfield is focused on only 1 thing, and 1 thing only and that is helping people get cash when they don’t have any other way to. Located in the beautiful city of [Bakersfield, CA], we have [helped people pay off] medical bills, utility bills, and even helped people start a business when they had no credit for over a decade.  We have countless success stories due to the financial help we have given people when no one else would!

Our team of loan experts have a combined 20 years+ of experience in helping people get a title loan. We walk you through the process, when you are approved, and give you a check for money that you can spend on anything. The whole time you are able to drive your car around without any problems.  We offer early repayments with no penalties, and a support team to answer any questions you might have.  This is why we are consistently ranked the top title loan provider in Bakersfield.

Car Title Loans Bakersfield is your ultimate source for getting a title loan in Bakersfield California. When you have been turned down by all other sources, and need cash for any type of emergency, you can count us to be there for you.

There is no reason to wait anymore! [Apply Online] for a car title loan in Bakersfield today to get the cash you need right away, no questions asked, but all questions answered!